Backwards Piano Man Plays Super Mario Song While…Backwards

Are you working hard right now? Do you need a quick break or something to watch for a minute while you are on the train or in the back of a cab? I’ve got just the thing for you. Get ready for 52 seconds of retro awesomeness to quench your thirst for fast, geeky entertainment. Simply put, this is the Super Mario song played on the piano backwards. Well, the piano isn’t backwards and the song isn’t backwards, but the person playing it is, but you’ll get the idea when you watch it.

Apparently playing the piano backwards isn’t as unusual as you might think. According to the comments on YouTube, lots of people can do that. There are also a few people on there who claim to be able to play piano with only their thumbs or their toes. Nice. What I want to know is can anyone play the piano while flipped upside down and backwards at the same time. Yep, then I would be really impressed. Nah, who am I kidding, I can’t even play the piano sitting at it the boring way.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching Jason Lyle Black play the Super Mario song in his own special backwards way. He plays requests also. You can contact Jason on his Facebook page, and he might just play your song backwards too. Jason has become a bit of an Internet sensation since he was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. What do you know how to do? You never know, the bizarre talent you have that nobody knows about could make you a star too! I wonder if being able to juggle three iPhones and one iPad counts. That animated gif below, which I love, was created by deviantART user JustinRampage for Rampaged Reality. To all you die hard Super Mario fans *raising my hand* – This special Super Mario song is for you!

The Backwards Piano Man Plays Super Mario Song

Animated Backwards Super Mario Song

Via: [Rampaged Reality]