Tech That Is Changing The Way We Exercise And Play Sports

The latest technologies have had a huge impact on the way we exercise and play sports. Almost every sport has been affected in one way or another by technology. Smartphones, mobile apps, GPS and wrist devices are all commonly available and you don’t need to be a world ranking athlete to own at least one fitness gadget. Sports are about to change forever.

In days gone by, all we needed to get fit was a pair of shorts and some running shoes, but these days technology is considered to be essential fitness kit. Take cyclists, for example. It is no longer enough to own a road bike if you want to take up cycling. You also need to invest in a Garmin to track your route, your speed, and even your calorie burn. It is the same for runners: a couch to 5K training plan always works better if you can monitor your fat burn and minutes per mile.

Sports technology and fitness devices might seem a bit overkill if you are an old-school athlete, but they are a real game changer for many people. It is a lot easier to hone your skills and achieve a better performance level when you have a host of technological devices at your disposal, so don’t dismiss the latest technological advances until you have tried a few out for size.

Below are some of the best technological advances that are changing the way we exercise and play sports today. How many are you using?

Wearable Devices

The sports industry was one of the first industries to embrace wearable device technologies. These devices often come in the form of bracelets, watches, bands or other lightweight wearable items. Wearable devices can track the performance of a wide range of athletes and sportspeople, including runners, walkers and golfers.

All of the actions that take place while someone wears these devices are recorded and can be viewed in real-time. This makes wearable devices the perfect products to analyze sporting performances and allow people to compete remotely with other people, anywhere in the world.

Mobile Apps

Smartphones have taken the world by storm and the mobile apps you install on these devices can be used as effective training companions and guides. The latest mobile sporting apps suggest training routines, record progress and allow you to share your results with others. As more people use mobile devices, more of these apps will be developed and installed by professional athletes and individuals who just want to keep in shape.

Sports Equipment

In the past, sporting equipment was uncomfortable. It was often manufactured from unsuitable materials, which made it awkward and dangerous to take part in certain sporting activities. This is no longer the case, thanks to the latest sporting equipment technologies that make sports clothing and equipment lighter, safer, waterproof and easier to manage. Footwear technology has also advanced, with a range of high-quality soccer cleats available from various online and offline sports stores.

Camera And Video Technologies

Camera technology has come a long way in recent years. It plays a major role in a wide range of sports played today. Players are under a lot more scrutiny because a simple camera phone can record all of the events that take place in most types of sporting events. Referees and sports officials have access to video technologies too, which helps them to make better decisions.

Sporting performances can also be improved using the latest camera and video technologies. The latest camera and video analysis technology is able to identify weaknesses, strengths and other factors that play a huge role in sporting performances. Once these factors have been identified, coaches can recommend the best course of action for the athletes and sports people they train and mentor.

Artificial Surface Technology

A wide range of track and field games are benefiting from the latest advances in artificial surface technology. Running tracks are much easier to run on and Astro turf pitches allow players to participate in a wide range of field games all year round.

Technology is playing a bigger role than ever before in the sporting world. This trend looks set to continue, as the sporting community keeps finding different ways to perform better and achieve greater sporting feats.

Sports Technology Of Tomorrow

Tech Changes Sports Forever

Tech Changes Sports Forever

Tech Changes Sports Forever