Telephone Bag: Quite Possibly The First Mobile Phone Ever

Have you ever wondered what came before mobile phones? There had to be something that inspired people to create a phone which could be portable. Whatever it was probably existed back in the 1970s, which was when people started realizing it could be useful to have a phone which we could carry around with us. We’ll probably never know exactly where that inspiration came from for sure, but it could have been from the telephone bag.

Some people call the telephone bag, which was popular back in the 1970s, the original mobile phone. It was basically a purse that you could plug into a telephone socket in the wall and make phone calls from. This could have been the first mobile phone ever created, and I think it’s awesome that it was in a woman’s handbag. Sure, there were other mobile phone created here and there before this one, but this appears to be the first one that was actually mainstream.

If you click the first image below, you’ll get a good look and feel for what the telephone bag was all about. I would carry one of these bags today. It’s retro feel is exactly my style, and I wish they were still made.

A while back, Lady Gaga was photographed carrying a modern day telephone bag. Apparently the original ones can still be found in very rare cases at vintage stores around the world. There are some modern day knockoffs, but those telephone bags don’t actually make phone calls. I put one I found on Etsy, and another one below which are available now. But like I said, without the ability to make phone calls, the telephone bag just isn’t the same.

This is just one more example of how the retro fashions from the past could be just as relevant today. This is one geeky handbag that I wish was still popular. It would be so much fun to walk down the street and hear my handbag ring. Well, I guess that wouldn’t have happened unless it was plugged into the wall. Life was so different back then.

Telephone Bag – The Original Mobile Phone From The Early 1970s

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Telephone bags made a comeback, but the modern day
versions don’t make phone calls.


This one is available on Etsy.


This one is available on AliExpress.


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