Textspresso: Make Coffee By Texting This Brilliant Machine Mod

Just yesterday, Richard wrote in one of his articles that “modders might be some of the most creative technology geeks out there.” I agree with that statement, and what I’m about to show you is yet another perfect example. The gadget you see below is called a Textspresso machine. It is about 300 parts all hacked up in lovely geekery and put into an Ikea cabinet.

This Textspresso machine allows you to send a text to it, and it will automatically make you an espresso. This geek coffee lover’s delight was created by Zipwhip, a cloud texting startup. According to Geek Wire, “Zipwhip is not in the business of making Textspresso machines. In fact, the reason for this very labor-intensive project (it took about 20 days to build) is to show off the power of the company’s cloud texting platform.

As if texting a machine to make you an espresso wasn’t enough, this device is also designed to print (with edible ink) the Zipwhip logo on your coffee’s foam. This is simply off the chart cool! Aside from the machine itself, what a brilliant way to get the word out about Zipwhip. It worked on me. I’ll never forget that name now. I wonder if this thing could make me a Caramel Macchiato.




Via: [Design Taxi]


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