The 100 Greatest Movie Badasses Of All Time

My absolute favorite movies of all time are the ones that feature supreme badasses. Even though I cringe and cover my eyes, there is nothing more entertaining than watching the epic thrillers we’ve all seen so many times. The first movie badass I ever watched was Darth Vader. I was just a little kid when I watched Star Wars for the first time, and he’s been at the top of my favorite badass list ever since.

When I found this, I knew I had to share it with you. If you love these movies as much as I do, you’ll love this video. I usually don’t ever hang with a video that is more than two or three minutes long, but this one kept my attention the whole time.

I have a few observations to make. First of all, why is it that the F word is almost always used when someone is about to be sliced and diced? I also noticed that many of these movies are dark. I’m referring to dark in the literal sense. The movies are actually dark. I wonder if that adds to the threat in our subconscious. Also, when all of these badasses are put together, you can definitely see that some are better than others.

I mean, Steven Seagal can break bones with the best of them and all, but a movie badass? Hmm… He’s not much of one in this montage. On the other hand, Al Pacino… Holy sh**! That guy was born to be a movie badass. This video was created by Harry Hanrahan. You can check out some of his other videos at Pajiba. The list of all the movies featured in this video is below. Enjoy!

100 Greatest Movie Badasses

100 Greatest Movie Badasses

Here’s the list:

100 Greatest Movie Badasses