The 3 Pound Gummy Worm! Yummy!

Most of the people I know have a sweet tooth. We have a custom here in Manila where we often bring something home when we travel, and you guessed it, most people usually bring home sweet goodies from whatever country they went to. Chocolates are the most popular choice, then come the chewy kind and hard candies. We here at Bit Rebels like gummy bears, and we have written several articles about them already. We love gummy bears in our house so much we even named one of our cats Gummy.

Aside from gummy bears, we also like gummy worms. They are similar to gummy bears, but they look like worms. The difference is that most gummy worms have different flavors in one candy. Just like real worms, they are segmented. I know it sounds gross, but they are pretty yummy. If you have a huge or even a massive craving for gummy worms, I found one that will really satisfy your craving.

This is the world’s largest gummy worm! This candy is 2.5 feet long, weighs 3 pounds and contains 4,000 calories. It has dual flavors too. It is so huge that you can probably have a whole candy party and still not finish it in one sitting. It’s the perrfect gift for your friends who love gummy bears but would be glad to have an alternative treat! The gummy worm comes in different flavor combinations. They make blue raspberry and cherry, green apple and cherry and many more. Check out all the flavor combinations here.