The Best Cosplay From Comic-Con 2011

Everyone knows that Comic-Con isn’t about the cosplay, but at the same time, the cosplay is one of the coolest parts of the event. I’ve never been to Comic-Con, but I’ve read tons of articles about it. I’m always drawn to the cosplay pictures for some reason.

The cosplay at that event is just so incredibly geeky that it makes me want to be a part of it all. If I went, I’d want to make a super amazing, sexy, stylish Ms. Pac-Man or Princess Peach cosplay costume. I could see myself spending six months making that kind of thing. It all sounds like so much fun to me! Well, that is, unless I have to actually use a sewing machine. In that case, it could be a problem. :)

Comic-Con is no doubt the world’s largest pop culture convention, and thousands of cosplayers showed up to strut their stuff this year. Comics Alliance was right there to take pictures of it all for us. Below is a sampling of their 2011 Comic-Com cosplay collection. To view all the photos, click over to ComicsAlliance’s Comic-Con Memories: The Cosplay [Gallery]. Who or what would you dress up as?

Buzz Lightyear and Woody Cosplay

Zelda Gaming Fun Cosplay

Purple Big Hat and Cosplay

Alien Cosplay Spooky Face Paint

Mario and Luigi and Baby

R2D2 Cute Baby Costume

Bart Simpson Cosplay Outfit

Wolverine X-Men Costume Outfits

Beard and Mustache Costumes

Yellow Sword Cosplay Outfit