The Emergency Bra: It Transforms Into A Face Mask!

If there is one piece of women’s clothing that hasn’t changed very much over the years, it’s the bra, until now. I can’t decide if this is really creative or completely sad. I’ve always thought of a bra as being lacy, pretty, in white, black or red, and from a place like Victoria’s Secret. I’ve never before now associated a bra with a terrorist attack or chemical disaster.

Although, I suppose these days, we can’t be too careful, right? Dr. Elena Bodnar created this Emergency Bra. As a woman, if we are wearing this bra and a disaster strikes and we need a protective mask to cover our face, we can simply remove this bra and voila, we now have two masks to protect us from breathing in harmful elements.

Dr. Bodnar says, “Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t that wonderful that women have two breasts, not just one? We can save not only our own life, but also the life of a man of our choice next to us.” You can purchase one of these bras for only $30 here. Unfortunately, they only come in sizes 32B to 40C. I wear a D cup, I wonder why there aren’t any of those made. Maybe that size wouldn’t fit on a person’s face correctly, who knows.

Dr. Bodnar is currently working on something similar for men, although she won’t reveal which body part it will be associated with yet. I wonder if it’s a penis pouch that suddenly transforms into a mask. I can’t wait to see it when she’s finished!

[via CNET, Amusing Planet]