The Force Is Strong With This One!

It’s not everyday that someone stops you dead in your tracks and opens your eyes to what has always been there. Often thought as a crazy or part of some cult that initiates their members with Kool Aid and brainwashing (by the way, people who follow me on Twitter, meetings are on Tuesdays and make sure not to bring any more orange or purple Kool Aid. Thank you), not the case here. Thank the lucky seven stars above for all the “crazies” in the world.

“About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them, because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones that do.”

There have been many in the yesteryear that have shaped or influenced the world many times over with their passion and ideas. You know some of these crazy people, like Amelia Earhart, Richard Branson, Einstein, Gandhi, Picasso and Buckminster Fuller just to name a handful. Take heed and listen to the cues.

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to ask this crazy person, Karen Bell, a few questions to better understand this whole concept of affecting change. The world needs more people like this roaming around speaking of love, light and laughter, oh yes, craziness and the newly discovered quantum existence we live in :)

So thus begins my interrogation to uncover the conspiracies about interconnectedness, energy and this concept of looking within for answers. I’ve heard about this stuff, but the jury is still out. Perhaps Karen can help me understand.

1. What inspired you to affect change through these videos?
Up until a few years ago my life was consumed by various degrees of anxiety and depression. Things changed in 2006 when I went through a dramatic awakening similar to the spiritual transformation that author Eckhart Tolle describes in his books. After that my life began to shape itself around creative projects that aim to help others discover the same sense of inner peace I found within my shift in perception. My videos are one of the projects I’m working on to help increase the peace!

2. Everything happen intentionally or is just randomly on purpose? Everything happens for a reason, right?!
Everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing as a coincidence in our multidimensional, synchronistic Universe. Everything happens intentionally because Intention is the creative force behind everything in existence.

Many people don’t realize that every thought they think is an intention. For example, if you start your day thinking, “Why am I always late?” you are setting a subconscious intention to make yourself late and attracting external conditions that will contribute to your lateness as well.

Intentions often manifest as random “coincidences” because our intentions are all interconnected on a quantum level. We’re constantly creating and co-creating with each other via the conscious and subconscious thoughts & beliefs we’re holding in our minds. I like the term “synchronicity” better than coincidence because it suggests there is a higher intelligence at work.

3. With the new frontier of the internet, do you find the frequency at which we all resonate rising or declining?
Let me start by saying that the internet is an awesome external manifestation of our inner interconnectedness. (Say that five times fast.) It’s also a great tool for sharing new ideas, which is what the basis of the next stage of our evolution.

With regards to personal & collective frequencies, it’s not possible to “devolve” or “decline”. The Earth and everything upon it is evolving and consequently rising up in frequency. Part of the reason for all the chaos on the planet right now is that we’re all being pulled to resonate at a higher level, which drudges up a lot of crap consciousness that needs to be faced and dissolved before we can move forward towards vibrating on the next notch on the scale.

4. Name 3 things you couldn’t live without during a Canadian winter.
– Tim Hortons Coffee
– Maple Syrup
– George Stroumboulopoulos (host of “The Hour” on CBC)

A poll of Canadian women suggests that combining those last two on the list would be the divine solution to each and every snow squall.

5. I hear a bunch of business about we’re all connected. How does that work? ;)

The word on the street is that before the big bang, everything in the Universe existed as one small piece of matter about the size of a pea. After the big bang, matter exploded outwards and began to expand…

Studies in quantum physics suggest that everything that was once connected still IS connected on an energetic level (“entanglement”). Therefore if everything in the Universe including all of us were once unified, energetically we still are unified and remain connected as One.

6. When an experiment is observed, is it the same as if it were not observed?! Does the observation skew the findings?! What are your thoughts on the scientific method?
Scientific studies tell us that the presence of an observer has a direct effect on the results of an experiment. (see Dr. Quantum explain the infamous “double slit experiment”

This is a baffling issue for scientists…. How the heck does one conduct an experiment without observing it??

The real revelation in these findings is not the experiment itself; but in the revelation that the “stuff” our world is made of is directly influenced by our intentions and expectations of it.

7. Rooibos or Green Tea?
Vanilla Rooibos! Or Yogi Green Ginger Tea! I can’t decide. Both!

8. What’s “The Secret”? Is there even one? Because I watched that movie, Kung Fu Panda, and I found out there was no “special ingredient” – thoughts?!
The “secret” is that the external world is a reflection of your inner world. The “special ingredient” is your focused thought.

9. You think Star Wars is going to sue you for talking about The Force?! Does Lucas own the rights to “The Force” since it’s a Universal constant?
My hopes are that George will see past any infringements onto my good intentions and not sue me. If he does, I could use my Jedi mind tricks to win the hearts of the jury. Or I could give in and utilize one of the many other names for “The Force”, such as the Matrix, the Quantum Hologram, the Divine Mind, or Infinite Intelligence. Although I must say that “May the Quantum Hologram be with you” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it; but maybe people would be willing to let it slide.

10. What do you need from us to help you?
Spread the word. Tweet and Re-Tweet. Digg and Re-Digg.

And within your own life, master the art of living from your heart and then go out into the world and inspire others to do the same.

11. Your message to the world?
Look within instead of without. Spread peace & Love. xoxo.

Just take a moment to reflect upon that. Your answers will be within you… I’m sure of it :) I’m convinced and need not sit on a rock dreaming I was a butterfly, or is it that I was a butterfly dreaming I was human?! Or was it both?!

Until then, I highly suggest you follow this person and be witness to the change she intends to make. I know I’m going to enjoy the journey.