The Fuzzy Side Of The Force: Needle Felted Star Wars Ornaments

If you are a fan of soft fuzzy holiday ornaments and Star Wars, you are going to love these little needle felted goodies for your Christmas tree this year. This isn’t the first time Star Wars has gone soft. A while back, Richard wrote about some cute crocheted tie fighters. It seems like even Star Wars has a cozy side, and these ornaments are another fun example of that.

They are 100% needle felted wood, and they come with a cord attached for hanging on the tree. These were created by Andrea Burnett of Sheep Creek Needlecraft. I can truly appreciate the creativity and skill it must have taken to create each one of them. This may sound strange, but they look like they are made out of cat hair to me. Check out the pictures of these cat hairballs and tell me they don’t look the same!

I think it would be so much fun to have a special Christmas tree in my house dedicated to everything geek. Of course, I’d have to have several of these on it. Instead of an angel on the top, I would put Yoda. See, I’ve got it all figured out. If you would like to purchase one of these, you can visit Andrea’s Etsy Store.

Handmade Millennium Falcon Christmas Ornament

Handmade Tie Fighter Christmas Ornament

Handmade Croceted Etsy Holiday Decorations

Handmade Yoda Holiday Ornament

Via: [Technabob]