The Geekiest Most Romantic Anniversary Gift Ever

Since most of the hot guys out there these days are geeks, a lot of girls claim to be geeks just to hopefully capture the attention of the geek guys they’ve got their eye on. It’s all part of the dark side of being a geek. Guys, I have one guaranteed way for you to know if your girl is a real geek, or if she’s an imposter. Just ask yourself this question, what kind of gifts does she prefer?

Let me explain, and keep in mind, I’m a rebel geek girl all the way, so I say this with a little experience. A non-geek girl typically (there are some exceptions) prefers to get ordinary gifts from nice stores for her anniversary and birthday. An engraved bracelet or new stylish handbag will most likely be right up her alley.

A geek girl is different (again, there are a few exceptions). Geek girls love gadgets, technology and things that are unique and special. A sentimental and customizable app to link your smartphones or an online artistic photo gallery full of your favorite pictures are the kinds of things she will enjoy the most.

Recently Sean Ohlenkamp wanted to give his wife, Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp, a unique anniversary present she would never forget. He used his Mac to create this, and he placed the folder neatly on her desktop. This is the cutest, geekiest anniversary present I’ve ever seen. It just goes to show that you don’t have to have a lot of money to steal someone’s heart. You just have to have a little time, creativity and a dose of love. To me, this would be a better present than any store bought gift. According to his YouTube comments, Sean said she loved this gift, although she wasn’t too happy that he had to clear her icons off her desktop in the process.

Even though Sean created this on a Mac, it would be easy to do on a PC. Just create a folder in a folder in a folder (you know). Or, on Linux just create directories and nest them together. I’m sure you computer geeks can see how easy this would be to make. Sean, you are a wonderful husband. You and your wife Lisa are blessed to have each other. I wish you a lifetime full of happiness and many more creative, geeky anniversaries!

Most Romantic Geeky Anniversary Gift

Via: [Like Cool] Cartoon Credit: [Datamation]