The Geektastic Gordon Freeman Wearable Lego Mask

We’ve featured so many fantastic Lego builds here on Bit Rebels that there are too many to count. Some of the creations are absolutely mind-boggling and took months if not years to make. Some of them took hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks to complete.

One thing I’ve learned since we’ve been writing about those builds is that Lego is one of those materials that is very unique and different from most. Sometimes the most minimalistic builds are the most creative, and with Lego, quantity does not trump quality. I’ve seen some Lego builds with 50 bricks that were more impressive than ones with 5,000 bricks. It’s really all about the inspiration behind the build, and what it all represents.

This geektastic little build below is a perfect example. This is a wearable Gordon Freeman (the good guy from the Half-Life video game series) Lego mask. According to Flickr, when powerpig started making this, it was only to promote his most recent t-shirt called The Gamer. However, as many times happens when we let our mind wander while connecting Lego bricks, this build took on a life of its own as he was making it. He calls it a self-portrait since it’s built into the contours of his face. It’s also wearable. Nice!

Half-Life Video Game Lego Mask

Half-Life Video Game Mask

Half-Life Video Game Mask

Via: [So Geek Chick] Image Credits: [Wallspedia] [USAGeorge]