The good, bad and the ugly

If your life is anything like mine, your day is spent sitting in front of your computer almost all day long, with out taking much of a break. One thing leads to the next and before you know its, its 9pm. This is a typical life of most freelancers. Sitting all day long can take a toll on your health. I noticed a that my shoulders would hurt, my hand was in pain, I couldn’t read the words on my screen without getting a headache…. needless to say, I heard myself complaining about things  that I had the power to change.  A year and a half ago, I invested in a new trackball  wireless mouse, which significantly improved the strain I was feeling in my hand and I started seeing a massage therapist. I used to have the mentality that getting a massage was a luxury, and that I really shouldn’t spend my money on it very often. But during a stressful time in my life, I decided to visit my massage therapist twice a month (to start). She gave me some tips for stretching my neck and fingers/hands/shoulders. It didn’t take long to realize that not only was I feeling less stressed, I was also feeling better physically. The tightness in my neck and shoulders was gone and I was feeling a lot happier. I also (finally) gave in and had my eyes checked. Doc told me the good, bad and the ugly so I filled my prescription with some stunning  Armani lenses.

We all get in ruts, bad work habits and lifestyles that become comfortable, but not necessarily healthy. As Freelancers, it is so vital to be healthy, since you and your family depend on your earnings, to make a better life. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about your habits and see if they line up with  7 healthy choices you can make when working from home.

1. Do you get enough sleep at night, more than 6 hours for most of us.

2. Do you eat healthy and regularly? Coffee for breakfast doesn’t count  : )

3. Do you have good posture while sitting at your desk? Is your monitor, desk and chair at the appropriate height?

4. Do you get up at least a couple of times an hour to stretch and take a quick break?

5. Do you exercise regularly?

6. Do you drink enough water, on average 6-8 8oz glasses a day

7. Do you manage stress in your life?

A healthier you will not only increase your stamina and well-being, but also allow you to be more focused and accomplished during working hours. Make time for it in your work day, and if it means getting up 15 minutes earlier everday, do it. Plus you will feel a whole lot better. Now its time to take my own advice and get movin’.