The Granny Panty Chandelier

What is it about chandeliers? In the past, we’ve featured chandeliers made out of prescription pill bottles, globes, bicycle chains and gummy bears, so why not granny panties? It makes sense, right? Hmm… of course it does!

So, I gotta give well-known video-artist Pipilotti Rist props for creativity, even though this looks a little strange. Maybe it’s the fact that I read that she collected this underwear from her friends and family. I have so many questions now, like, is it used underwear? Did she have to touch each piece when she put this together? Did she wash them first? Why didn’t she just buy new underwear? I could go on… whew! Get a hold of yourself Diana!

Pipilotti Rist’s real name is Elisabeth Charlotte Rist. Pipilotti is a nickname she’s had since childhood, and it refers to Pippi Longstocking. Since a lot of people regard her work as “feminist,” I wonder what statement, if any, this chandelier is supposed to make. If you happen to be in New York City, you can check out this and her other creations at Luhring Augustine in the Chelsea community through Saturday.

[via Wonder How To, Beautiful Decay]