The Great Debate: E-Books vs. The Printed Copy

The whole world is reading. Reading is part of our everyday lives, whether it’s for fun, business, or to catch up on the latest news. How people read today is what we want to know more about. The E-book and the printed edition of books are both widely used. You can get your newspaper in paper form or you can get it downloaded each morning to your e-reader.

How you chose to read is totally up to you (just like whether you choose a book or an app). Which is your favorite way to read your books? I put together a small list of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

The Printed Copy Offers Many Advantages Over E-Books

  • Bookstores are everywhere offering easily attainable copies.
  • Books are cheap and can usually fit any budget.
  • Paper books are there all the time, whenever you want them (no power source is necessary).

There Are Several Disadvantages As Well

  • Books are bulky and can often be heavy.
  • A light source is needed for reading.
  • The notes you make in printed books are there forever, you can’t erase or change the highlights made.

The E-Book Has Many Advantages Over The Printed Copy

  • They are very easily readable, offer zoom functions, and have large or small words. The setting preferences are up to the reader.
  • They are easily portable, and they can be taken anywhere with hundreds of books downloaded at a time into one slim device.
  • E-books are environmental friendly. No waste of paper is needed.
  • Note taking can be done and re-done several different times
  • Most new e-readers come with their own light function.

There Are Several Disadvantages As Well

  • A power source is always necessary, and batteries only last so long.
  • Software bugs can always happen.
  • If you spill something on your e-reader, it might not work.
  • Not all books are available as of yet in E-book form.

So What Is The Bottom Line In Regards To This Debate Between The Printed Copy And The E-Book?

Most people still opt to read from regular books and also e-readers when convenient. It just depends on the location and what is being read. Both the printed copy and the E-book can serve many different readers’ needs.

Great Debate Ebooks Paper Books

Image Credits: [Darlene Foster] [Muy Computer]