The Impact New Technologies Will Have On Human Evolution

Since new technologies are being released every day it seems, we are spending more and more time at our computers each day. Although I think few people could argue that the advancements in technology aren’t a good thing, there is a very serious downside to it all. And that is, our health.

Just last week Nursing Schools published an article entitled 14 Proven Side Effects Of Sitting All Day. Since I sit for at least ten hours (if not more) every day, I read the article. I was shocked to find that sitting is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cholesterol.

Also, prolonged sitting can cause neck problems, knee pain, poor posture, muscle weakness, slowed metabolism, aches and pains and depression. Last year The New York Times published an article called Stand Up While You Read This! and the first sentence read, “Your chair is your enemy.”  Recently DRAFTfcb, an advertising agency in Paris, was asked to answer the question, “What impact will new technologies have on human evolution?” Their answer is illustrated in the infographic below.

Click on the link to enlarge the image and read what it says. Besides an enlarged skull, extended thumbs, the disappearance of body hair and the loss of our fifth toe, we have several other unpleasant effects to look forward to. I suppose we should get up out of our chairs more often and get some more exercise! My friend @joycecherrier wrote a fabulous article called 5 Ways To Be A Healthier Geek. You can also read this one called How To Exercise While You Work. Just checking out this infographic is enough to motivate me!

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Health Effects Sitting At Computer