The Key Card Hotel: Even The Toilet Is Made Out Of Cards!

What do you normally do with your key card when you leave a hotel? Throw it in the garbage can? I used to do that until I watched a documentary about how our personal information can be stored on them for someone to retrieve. So, I started saving them. Now I have a bunch from all over the world.

Bryan Berg, a unique artist who currently holds the world record for card stacking, took 200,000 key cards and built a hotel in Manhattan several months ago. It is called, “Holiday Inn’s Key Card Hotel.”

This 400 square foot masterpiece, which took four months to complete, was commissioned to help reinvent the Holiday Inn brand and to celebrate the reopening of 1,200 hotels worldwide. This particular card creation allowed Bryan to experiment with a new technique of stacking cards vertically instead of horizontally, which means you can use much fewer cards. As you see in these pictures, everything is made out of keys: the walls, the bed, the tables, the toilet, everything! You can see Bryan sitting on the bed made of cards below.