The Kiss Controller: Video Game Controlled By Smooches

Well dang, this could be better than Kinect! Instead of using your body as the controller, you use your tongue. Ok, maybe it’s not better than Kinect, but it still looks like a lot of fun. This little gadget combines two of life’s guilty pleasures, kissing and playing video games. That’s right, this video game is controlled by French kissing.

According to creator Hye Yeon Nam’s website, this Kiss Controller is a game input device that controls the direction and speed of a bowling ball while users are kissing. The whole interface only has two components, a special headset and a magnet.

The person who wants to do the fast tongue movements in the kiss wears the magnet. The magnet is stuck to that person’s tongue with Fixodent (gross). The other person involved in the kiss wears the headset. During the kiss, the participants are controlling the direction and speed of the ball for 20 seconds, so make it a long kiss! The faster the tongue movement, the more likely you are to get a high score. To me, tasting Fixodent on my tongue or the other person’s tongue might ruin the moment, but what the heck, I’d still try it. Hye Yeon Nam says, “Kissing is an intimate behavior that can be developed into a game device.” Wow, nice! You go girl!

French Kissing Gaming Controller

French Kissing Gaming Controller

Via: [Geekosystem] Header Image Credit: [Ask Men]