The Largest & Smartest Lego Chess Set You’ve Ever Seen!

We’ve seen a lot of Lego chess sets in the past. Some of them are really eccentric, just like the Lego fans that created them. For example, check out this Star Wars Lego Chess Board that Richard wrote about. It’s pure genius!

On the Monster Chess website it reads, “Lego builders are becoming insane. And I enjoy that.” I feel the same way. Every Lego build we feature pushes the limit of what is possible further, and I love it!

This Lego chess set is no exception. It has over 100,000 Lego pieces, the board is 12 foot by 12 foot, it took several people over a year to create it, and it cost about $30,000. Each playing piece is a little robot that is controlled with a PC via remote control, how crazy cool is that? The robots are even able to communicate with each other, and get out of each other’s way on the board, etc… I can only imagine what was involved to develop that software.

You can play human vs. human, computer vs. computer or even human vs. computer. The video below explains this awesomeness much better than I can. In it, you will see a child walk across the board, which truly gives you a feel for the scale of this whole thing. Wow!

[via Monster Chess]