The Plant Whisperer: Makes Your Plants Talk To You

If you are a geek, you can definitely get your geek on in this article for sure! The stuff we write on Bit Rebels about plants really makes them seem more like pets to me than plants. We already know that plants dig certain kinds of music, and they will grow faster if you play that music for them. We also know that plants can tweet. However, I did not know until today that our plants can talk to us too!

Instructables member Jeff-o recently created a device he calls the “Plant Whisperer.” He created this because in our world of gadgets, where everything beeps or blinks at us when it’s on low battery, it’s hard to remember to water our plants when they get dry, since they just sit there, silent.

The Plant Whisperer checks the soil moisture, lighting and the general well being of the plant and delivers an audio message every two hours. There are several phrases it might say including “I’m thirsty, water me!” or “I’m a happy plant!” Jeff-o built this nifty little gadget for only about $30. He says it uses, “real-time text-to-speech synthesis on a Parallax Propeller microcontroller.” You can visit his Instructables page for more detailed information.

The Plant Whisperer Hack

The Plant Whisperer Plants Talk

Plants Can Talk To You

Via: [Hacked Gadgets]