The Romulan Ale Recipe: Drink Like An Intergalactic Badass

Remember Romulan Ale? I’ve seen every Star Trek movie ever made at least twice, and I always thought it would be neat to taste that “illegal” drink. I guess there is a time and place for everything though since it was sometimes served at diplomatic functions or used for medicinal purposes. As many times as I’ve wanted to taste it though, I’ve always changed my mind after seeing the side effects. It seems to make everyone who tries it a bit carazzzy.

Apparently it is some insanely strong stuff, but it is still enjoyed by many. I remember when Kirk received a bottle of it as a birthday gift from Dr. McCoy in Wrath of Khan. So, what do you think it would taste like? I think it would be like the strongest liquor you’ve ever tasted.

As a matter of fact, I would probably be drunk just from the smell of it. Apparently the guys at Geek in the City know what it tastes like because I just discovered an official recipe that they published back in 2009. I put a screencap from their site below. If you don’t have the guts to make this lethal drink yourself, you can always pick up a 6-pack of Romulan Ale at ThinkGeek for $15, which are really just energy drinks packed with caffeine. I think if I was going to do this though, I’d go for it all the way. YOLO, right? I put a few pictures below (credits at the bottom) that I found on the web which are inspired by the mysterious blue drink that I really want to try right now. Anyone else brave enough to give it a go?





Via: [Geek Crafts] [Wikia Romulan Ale] Image Credits: [Worth 1000] [Nerdathlon] [brownstonecambridge]


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    Tony Hooper 8 years

    I made some, as well as blood wine. Everclear doesn’t seem to be available over here in the UK, so had to use 55%ABV vodka.

    The result? Well, all I can say is, Romulan Ale should be illegal! Was rough for 2 days.

    The blood wine wasn’t as bad, and the tabasco sauce gives it a unique kick, I’m going to try the cloves version next time.

    I would certainly recommend people give it a shot, it’s an experience, and you get the honour of saying you’ve done it….just don’t do too much at once is my advice.