The Soda Pop Swimming Pool: Would You Swim In It?

I love Diet Dr. Pepper. I drink three or four of them each day. I don’t drink any other kind of soda pop. The question is, do I love it enough to submerge my entire body into it? Do I love it enough to swim in it?

It’s true; to go swimming in a pool of your favorite soda would mean lots of stickiness. Plus, you certainly wouldn’t be able to open your eyes under the water…err…soda. However, I think if given the opportunity, I would get in a pool of Diet Dr. Pepper just for the hell of it.

Mike Bouchet recently created one of these pools. On July 4th, in California, he filled a large pool with 100,000 liters of his own homemade diet cola. In the past, he put his cola in a water fountain for people to taste. What a creative guy! I like how he thinks! Nom nom!

[via psfk]