The Twitter Tea Towel: Bring Twitter Into Your Kitchen

It’s always interesting when designers are able to combine the cozy feelings from our past into our present life. Those feelings of nostalgia always brings with them fun memories of a time long gone. We see this a lot in the retro gadgets that are so popular right now. We also see this in the retro gaming accessories that remind us of those old school video games.

One thing I haven’t seen before though is something that takes us back even further than our own childhood. This product reminds me of pictures and antiques I’ve seen from my grandmother’s house. Do you remember what a tea towel is? The only time I’ve heard of a tea towel in recent years was when Rob wrote about how to make a tea towel chicken right here on Bit Rebels. That video about how to make a chicken with a towel is classic.

Apparently tea towels are still used in places like England and Ireland. They are fancy, cute dainty little embroidered towels that women use to dry their china after washing it. Decades ago I saw my Grandmother’s collection of tea towels, which she displayed in a large frame. The designers over at We Are What We Do have found a way to combine the nostalgia of the tea towel into Twitter! They’ve created a Tweet Towel, which is a tea towel with a personal tweet embroidered onto it. It’s the ultimate mash-up between a very traditional craft and today’s digital communication.

You can order your own Tweet Towel for yourself or for someone special. Perhaps I can order one for my mother, it might be a good introduction to Twitter since I still don’t think she really gets it. All proceeds go to the We Are What We Do Charitable Foundation, which works to bridge the gap between generations so that they talk more and spend more time together. This would be a nice accessory to accompany the tea kettle that tweets! You can order your own Tweet Towel here.