The Ultimate Secret Hiding Place In Your House

I’ve always thought the idea of leaving a time capsule for future generations to find would be fun. It’s even fun to pack away a magazine or trinket in a box only to find it years later in the basement or attic. Wouldn’t it be neat to find a tiny hidden treasure somewhere in your house that someone who lived there years before left for you to find?

It reminds me of the story of the teenage boy who got a bible from his grandparents for his birthday. He tossed it aside, thinking it was such a boring gift. If he had just opened it up, he would have found the $100 bill tucked away inside. We never know what little life treasures we can find all around us in any given moment.

I remember when I wrote How To: Leave A Time Capsule For Future Generations. It was an article about how to hide a note behind a light switch. However, what if you want to leave more than just a note? What if you want to leave a little thumb drive of information or pictures, or even a little token representing the era?

This is the Doortop Stash project from Make. I have never before thought about using the inside of a wooden door to hide something. However, to me, this might be just a little bit too good. It’s so clever; there would be a good chance nobody would ever find it! If you would like to make one of these nifty little secret stashes for yourself, you can get the step-by-step instructions on DIY Doortop Stash.

Secret Hiding Place In Door

Leave Time Capsule for People

Secret Hiding Place In Door

Secret Hiding Place In Door

Secret Hiding Place In House

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