The Umbrella Wheelie – Puts A Smile On Your Face!

There are plenty of ways to put a smile on your face during the day, but I am sure you’ve never seen it done this way before. As a matter of fact, neither have I. When first saw this, it brought a big smile to my face. It wasn’t so much the umbrella itself but the whole concept of it. The designers behind it (and there are a bunch) really came up with something unique that will most likely bring better days to the ones who buy it.

As much as I would like to, I never really drag my umbrella anywhere with me. Some people always carry it around when there is a chance of rain on the horizon. Maybe that will change for me now that designers Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting, Chen Shaw-Chen have come up with something this rad and funny.

It’s an umbrella with a couple of wheels attached to it’s top edge. At first glance, you might think that it is either for old people who don’t have the strength to carry the umbrella, or that it’s just a fun prank. However, it truly has meaning to it. A few smiley faces are imprinted on the wheels. If they are dragged through a puddle of water and then rolled on a dry part of the ground, they will put a smiley face pattern onto the surface. This is sure to bring smiles to the pedestrians that walk behind you. You will have brought smiles to the strangers that might have had a bad day ahead of them. The world will truly be a better place with these umbrellas.