The World’s Largest Crayola Crayon!

According to CNET, aside from Lego bricks, Crayola crayons may be the most common plaything on planet Earth. Did you know that 3 billion Crayola crayons are made each year?

Daniel Terdiman, a reporter for CNET, recently traveled to the Crayola visitor’s center in Pennsylvania to check it all out. Making crayons is a simple process that you can see in the pictures and video below.

Along the way, he also got to see the largest crayon in the world! It weighs 1,500 pounds and is 15 feet long. Apparently, this crayon could draw a line 10 miles long! Crayola created this monster sized crayon with crayons donated by children to celebrate the company’s 100th birthday! This is a great story. Thank you to my dear friend @tommytrc for letting me know about it!

[via CNET]