The World’s Most Advanced Display – Angle Oriented

When we’ve surpassed the cool gadgets imagined in movies like Minority Report and iRobot, we know we’ve come a long way to enhance the way we live our daily lives. Not only do these things help a lot of people in their work, but they also introduce some new features that I, at least, can’t wait to see. It just blew me away when I saw this quite simple little software that does so much. If I even dare imagine, I would say it will develop into only cool stuff.

Do you remember those stickers you got when you were a kid that gave you a different image when you changed the angle of it? I used to marvel over those when I first saw them. It was the closest we got to a true hologram… back then. The implementations of it could be huge if we cracked that secret.

This solution is way more simple, and it makes for a great new way we could play games, surf the Internet or even just watch a photo or an avatar. Imagine bending your head to the left or right and by doing that you get to see the person from a slightly different angle in real time. And that’s just the beginning…