The World’s First Hotel Made From Garbage Opens!

We’ve all seen it on the beach and cringed, right? There are so many empty beer bottles, lost shoes, plastic bags… garbage! Apparently in Europe it is an even bigger problem than here in the States.

Corona beer partnered with German artist, HA Schult to raise awareness about this increasing problem. The result? The world’s first hotel made from garbage found on the beach! This hotel opened in Rome about a week ago, and it’s already a popular attraction.

The initiative and the hotel, both called “Save the Beach,” are a huge success. Would you like to stay a night in this hotel? You can check out the website here. If you are wondering how he could make trash look so good, well, HA Schult has been creating beautiful art from trash for years. He definitely outdid himself with this one. There is a video below that shows how he planned this and put it all together.

[Image Source: visboo]