To Brighten Your Day: A Gigantic Human Smiley Face!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m a huge smiley face fan. I put smiley faces on as many tweets as I can. It’s my way of spreading some happiness throughout the Twitterverse.

So… when I heard about this human smiley face recently created in Orlando, I knew I immediately had to write about it. Last Friday was “World Smile Day.” To celebrate, 500 people from all over the world, all dressed in yellow and black, met in Orlando to create a huge human smiley face!

They succeeded in setting the Guinness World Record for the largest human smiley face ever! The previous record was held by a group of 200 people. Just to put this in perspective for you, this smiley face was 50 feet in diameter, which is almost the size of a basketball court!

The Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau organized this event. According to the Bureau’s President and CEO, they did it to “create a buzz.” What a brilliant way to bring attention to this wonderful city!

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