Typographic Calendar Created With 2,012 Recycled Keyboard Keys

I betcha this is the geekiest thing you’ll read all day. I had to read about it a few different times just to wrap my brain around the complexity of it all. This is a typographic wall calendar created with 2,012 (since it’s a 2012 calendar) recycled computer keyboard keys. Each one of the keys is very meticulously and strategically put in a very specific order by designer Harald Geisler.

It’s arranged in a grid format, and each day is clear to read once you get the hang of it. Unlike a standard calendar which many times consists of different pages which each represent a month, this twelve month calendar is all on one poster, and all the months run together at first glance. When you look more closely though, you’ll notice the months are separated with arrow keys. Although it may look confusing at first, once you realize it’s designed to be read from left to right, it all starts to make sense.

According to Harald, you can even write events on this calendar by using special markers, but if I had one of these, I don’t think I’d want to pollute such a beautifully geeky design by writing on it. After all, it’s a work of art. Harald has been working on this project since 2009. You can support it on Kickstarter, you can learn more about it by watching the video below, and you can even order a print of this calendar on Harald Geisler.

Calendar Made With Keyboard Keys

Calendar Made With Keyboard Keys

Calendar Made With Keyboard Keys

Via: [If It’s Hip It’s Here]