Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Uber Geek [Infographic]

Do you consider that ‘geek’ consumes part (or all) of your style? It’s OK, thanks to popular TV shows, the retro cool of sci-fi movies and popular culture embracing technology; ‘geek’ has evolved into much more than its original stigma. But there is geek and then there is uber geek. This Infographic is the ultimate guide for showing you how to become much more than just a geek.

Are you a Will Wheaton fan? If you had to think about that, you’ve got some work to do. How about your gaming habits? These are just a couple of the key indicators that will help determine your geek status. Quoting lines from The Empire Strikes Back and downloading trivia apps for your smartphone might have cut it before, but now we have a new benchmark of sorts.

The geeks guide to becoming an uber geek covers important issues like theme party ideas, which version of the iPad you have, and important geek branding elements. However, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Some previous signs might have included that your computer is worth more than your car, or that you said your wedding vows in Klingon, but uber geek is at another level altogether. Here’s a quick pop quiz to help determine where you’re at:

  1. Have you contributed to at least one open-source project?
  2. Is your preferred communication method through cyberspace?
  3. Is the original series of Star Trek genuinely your favorite?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we may have ourselves an uber geek. Webster’s describes ‘geek’ as: An enthusiast or expert, especially in a technological field or activity. Now we have this ultimate guide infographic below to help with the important necessary distinctions that separate those enthusiasts and experts from the upper echelon of geekhood. Which one are you? We’d love to read your comments below. [Infographic by bestcomputersciencedegrees.com]

Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Uber Geek

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Header Image Credit: [Zazzle] Via: [visual.ly]