The Geek’s Ultimate Guide To Improving Bad Posture [Infographic]

Chances are, if you are a geek, you spend more time in front of your computer than anyone you know. I know that’s true for me, and even though I love every minute of it, there are some consequences to that behavior which are important to recognize. We’ve written many times about how unhealthy it is to sit all day, but this article is more specific than that. This is about bad posture.

I read an article this morning on Ladies’ Home Journal called 7 Myths About Bad Posture, Dispelled. One of the things it talked about was how working in front of the computer all day can ruin your posture. You can tell if this is happening to you not only by noticing whether or not you slouch while sitting at your desk, but also if you stick your neck out too much (like in the picture above) or hunch your shoulders. In addition to causing bad posture, these things can actually cause muscle damage in your body. According to that article, “If you’re not ergonomically correct, you will wind up with back and neck pain.”

As a woman, a big concern for me is that I don’t want to grow old with a hump on my back. I’ve seen many little old ladies with humps on their backs, and I always wonder if they saw the signs of that coming ahead of time. I mean, obviously it’s an evolution over time. If you have bad posture, you can save yourself a lot of pain over time by correcting it early. This infographic called The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture by Greatist in collaboration with Voltier Digital (now part of BlueGrass) offers some great tips to improve our bad posture and get our bodies back to a comfortable, healthy, natural position. I found it interesting that according to this, 50% of Americans suffer from back pain, and it’s the second most common reason for doctor visits. Dang!

We Can Start Improving Bad Posture Today


Via: [Daily Infographic] Header Image Credit: [Happy New You]