The Ultimate Rubik’s Cube Pastry For The Intelligent Food Fanatic

When the Rubik’s Cube was first invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik, he himself could not even imagine what he had created. A wave of people using it hit the United States when it was released in the country in the 1980’s. This complex, mathematical puzzle cube became a best seller overnight. However, that was only the beginning. The Rubik’s Cube had transformed into a beacon, an iconic symbol for all of those who were intelligent, smart, and competitive. Every geek had to have one and this pastry one seems to make people go crazy.

In 1982, the first International Rubik’s Cube competition took place. Now, years later, the Rubik’s Cube has never left the shelves. It can be found in department stores and toy stores across the world. Through the years, this game cube has been replicated into various items you that can find for purchase online. For example, ties and tee-shirts have been created with the iconic color patterns upon them. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rubik’s Cube fanaticism.

[pullquote]Imagine a tribute to the Rubik’s Cube that will make your mouth water.[/pullquote] A delectable delicious cake design that is called the Rubik’s Cake. Every inch of this breath-taking cake has been sculpted delicately by hand. Intricately, as if a pastry chef where solving a puzzle of its own. Each of its pastry squares is composed to resemble the cube itself. The chef who created this masterpiece is Cedric Grolet. Chef Grolet is a famous French pastry chef who was awarded Best Pastry Chef of 2016.

His geometric delicacy can be sampled at the Le Dali. A restaurant that can be found in the prestigious French hotel of Le Meurice. All you will have to do is to travel to France and buy your own amazing pastry Rubik’s Cake. For some, it might be easier than solving the actual puzzle itself. Just don’t forget to bring your cube along so you don’t get bored on the flight.

Also, you can always make your own cake replica. If you can bake, you can recreate the Rubik’s Cake to suit your own creative and taste desires. Your creativity is your only limitation. You can choose from different flavors, various frosting colors, and many other pastry adornments from which you will erect a pastry just as divine as any French chef can create. If you can’t bake, you can hire a catering company such as Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services to make one for you.

This would be the perfect birthday cake for any Rubik’s Cube fanatic. You can even be inventive and place the birthday candles sprouting out from all of the different edges and squares. Be sure to color coordinate the alternating cube colors with the appropriate candle color for this cake to really become an elaborate puzzle cube any Rubik’s Cube lover would never turn down.

This cake will be a great reminder of all the good times you’ve had with your cube. Here is a wild idea, if you are getting married. If you fell in love with a cube lover like yourself, then perhaps a wedding cake version will suit your taste buds. You can say “I Do”, then smash a Rubik’s Cake into each other’s beloved faces. – For more creative pastry creations click here.

Amazing Rubik’s Cake Pastry Creations

Amazing Rubik's Cake Pastry Creation 1

Amazing Rubik's Cake Pastry Creation 2

Amazing Rubik's Cake Pastry Creation 3

Amazing Rubik's Cake Pastry Creation 4

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