Try Using The Force With A Star Wars Force Glove

Although I’m not an avid Star Wars memorabilia buyer or toy collector, even I had to do a double-take on the new “Star Wars Force Glove” developed by Uncle Milton’s Toys. The idea that you could strap on a glove and start pulling or repelling objects by seemingly using the force is the ultimate kid’s toy and avenue into acting out the world of Star Wars. It’s kind of stylish too and much cooler than an Ewok fluffy toy!

Thanks to a special magnet embedded in the palm of the glove, you can pull or repel objects depending on which way the magnet is turned. As an added touch, the magnet has the Imperial Crest on one side and the Rebel Alliance logo on the other. Be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker as you see fit! The caveat of course is that it will only move the two included attachments which consist of walking droids or a lightsaber.

There’s a bit of science involved since this nifty little toy has been designed to help teach kids about the world of magnetism. Holding the attention span of the young to introduce them to real world practical science can be a challenge at the best of times in this attention deficit disorder world we live in. However, tapping in to popular brand names like Star Wars, even if the original franchise used science loosely, if it all, may just do the trick.

My thinking then turned to another film franchise. In the last Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise was scaling the Burj Khalifa with incredibly strong magnetic gloves. I wonder if the Star Wars Force Glove would be up for the task of scaling the largest building in the world? Aside from the public relations spectacle, how cool would that be? You can pick up your own Star Wars glove so you can start using the force immediately but heading over to Amazon where they sell for $18.

Hey Kids…Have Fun Using The Force & Learning About Science




Via: [CNET] Image Credits: [Ubergizmo] [Creative Loafing Tampa]