Wacky Office Supplies – Fun at Work!

If you are like me, you can stay in a bookstore, an office supply store or even the art supplies section of any store for hours.  I enjoy looking for the cutest or the geekiest office supplies that I can find.  Not only are they fun to use, they also dress up your work space and make your desk more lively and fun.

If you look at my desk at the office, I have a black lamp stand adorned with different magnets and trinkets. I also have two mugs with different types of pencils, all sharpened.  I got it from a former seatmate who calls it the pencil bouquet.

I found some wacky office supplies that would definitely spruce up your desk and also be useful for your work! One is the walking robot pencil sharpener. It’s a pencil sharpener, pencil holder and toy in one. It sells for $5.99.  All you need to do is open its chest, insert a pencil, twist the pencil several times then remove the sharpened pencil. What you do not realize is that by twisting the pencil, you have wound up the robot, and he will come alive and start walking. It’s clever and fun if you ask me.

Another clever wacky design is the circuit board business card holder that sells at Think Geek.com for $19.99.  You can show off your techie side with this unique business card holder. And last, but certainly not the least, is the the cable monkey cable organizer which sells for $4.99. This little monkey is full of love. It wants to show that love by hugging your cables, to be specific. It keep them tidy with love.

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Circuit Board Business Card Holder

Cable Monkey Cable Organizer