Light Up ’80s Style: The Stackable Tetris LED Desk Lamp

If you’ve been looking for the perfect retro, geeky desk lamp to brighten up your work area, I may have found just the right one for you. Well, that is if you’re a Tetris fan. This is a stackable LED Tetris desk lamp that will make your inner geek smile with delight. The best part is, this lamp won’t disappear when you complete a line. This Tetris desk lamp comes with 7 pieces that can interlock in a bunch of different ways. The way it works is that as you add pieces, those newly added blocks will light up. There is no on/off switch on this desk lamp either. When the blocks are interlocked, it lights up. When the blocks are not stacked, it turns off. Pretty creative, right?

I can’t help but think of all the little kids who will have a blast with this desk lamp even though they’ve never heard of the game Tetris. Retro video game lovers like us will always know the truth though, and we’ll remember playing that game over and over and over when we were kids. It was like a drug back then. We would do anything for just one more quarter. Remember that?

If you want to see some more Tetris loveliness, you can check out this 2007 tutorial on Instructables for how to make Tetris Ice Cubes and this Luigi Pattern that someone created while playing Tetris (that deserves an award). For something a tad more traditional (and distracting at work), you might like these stackable Tetris Sticky Notes. For all those kids who just think Tetris is a puzzle, you are in for a treat if you ever actually get to play the game. To get this Tetris desk lamp, click over to ThinkGeek where it sells for $39.99.

Stackable Tetris LED Desk Lamp




Via: [Apartment Therapy]