Wall Graphic: Twitter Fail Whale Never Looked So Good

If you are active in social media, I am sure that you have at some point seen the now famous Twitter fail whale. For those new to Twitter, the fail whale is the signal we get when the site is down, which usually happens due to overcapacity or maintenance. For many Twitterholics, seeing the fail whale can be brutal because it forces us to take a small time out from tweeting. People react to the situation differently, which is quite interesting to see.

Some people just wait for the site to restore itself back to normal, while others rant about it and share it on Facebook. Some people even write posts about it! Would you believe many articles have been written because Twitter was down. However, since I’m a Twitterholic, the fail whale has never stopped me from tweeting for long. I think it would be great to decorate my apartment with this cool Three Foot Fail Whale Wall Graphic.

This fun design is printed on space-age, self-adhesive, repositionable fabric paper with eco-solvent digital inks. You can remove and re-post it 100 times. This poster costs around $49.99. Failure never looked so good! So for those of you who want to add a geeky social media element into your home, I think this is a perfect addition. Not only do you not need nails or a frame, you don’t have to worry about damaging your wall. That definitely makes a geek like me really happy!

Twitter Fail Whale Wall Graphic

Twitter Whale Wall Graphics