Why Knot? The Geek Way to Tie a Necktie

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times in movies, the woman makes a romantic gesture to her man by seductively walking up to him in the morning and tying his necktie? I’ve always been fascinated by that because I don’t understand it. I actually don’t understand why some men have to wear ties in the first place. Isn’t it uncomfortable to have that piece of fabric wrapped around your neck all day?

I’ve never tied a man’s tie, but then again, I’ve never really dated the kind of men that wear ties. I’m waaaaaaay too much of a geek for that. I’m more into the “Pac-Man t-shirt wearing kind of guy,” but that’s just me.

However, I could get into the process of tying a necktie if I had one of these robots. This is definitely the geek way to tie a tie. Errr… if that makes sense. This kinetic sculpture, created by Seth Goldstein, is basically a machine that has only one purpose, to tie and untie a necktie. I wonder where Seth got the inspiration to create this. Based on the brilliance of this robot, he doesn’t come across as the tie kind of guy. I have one little piece of advice about this though. If you are a guy that needs help tying your tie, I wouldn’t put my neck in this machine if I were you. #justsayin

Guy with Tie and Sunglasses

Via: [Geekosystem]