Winter Driving Is Smooth And Safe In A Lincoln Navigator

Right now, the leaves are changing color, and the roads are clean and dry. It’s a great time to hit the road and gaze upon the beauty of autumn, but soon the conditions are set to change. Winter in Canada is cold, and a snowstorm makes visibility low and roads slick. Keep reading to see how the Lincoln Navigator is the perfect vehicle for the Canadian winter.

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Advanced Safety Technology

Winter driving can present hazards that aren’t there in other seasons. The Lincoln Navigator is full of useful advanced technology to make driving not just safer for everyone on the road, but easier and less stressful.

For example, the Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking scans the road ahead using radar and a camera for other vehicles or anything that can be crashed into and braces the vehicle for a stop. If the driver doesn’t stop on their own and a collision is imminent, the vehicle will apply the brakes automatically.

Lincoln’s Head-Up Display makes it easy to get crucial driving data while behind the wheel. Simply select what information you want to be projected right onto the windshield, from standard driving information like speed and fuel levels to more advanced data about driving systems.

Driving in the winter requires a driver’s full attention. Get the driving information you need in real-time without taking your eyes off the road. Visit a family-owned dealership to get a new Lincoln for a great price and enjoy a friendly, attentive, no-pressure service from a sales technician.

Power And Heft Galore

Light cars don’t always have the muscle needed to get a stuck tire out of a slick spot. The Lincoln Navigator can produce 450 horsepower and over 500 lb.-ft. Of torque! Choose between different drive modes to suit road conditions or simply your mood. When you’re stuck on an ice patch and just need that extra push, the Lincoln Navigator has more than enough muscle under the hood.

Stay Connected

Once, drivers had to worry that they might get stuck out on the road with no means of contacting anyone, which is an especially dangerous problem during winter. Every new model of Lincoln Navigator comes with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, so ten devices can be connected to the internet simultaneously.

Even if your phone runs out of battery or you’re out of service, you’ll always be able to contact family, friends, or the nearest gas station or restaurant. There’s no risk of being stranded in the cold in the middle of nowhere.

Even better, nobody will have to consume data from their phone plan to stay connected. Email, video chat, or even stream media content with impunity — it’ll work wherever the road takes you, and there’s no charge.

Life doesn’t stop during the Canadian winter just because the weather gets cold, and the roads get icy. There are still groceries to pick up and appointments, and outings to get to. Get there in effortless style, safety and comfort this winter by driving a new Lincoln Navigator.

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