Ultimate Workstation For Designers (It Even Has Auto Coffee Dispenser)

There have been a lot of innovative workstations presented over the years. We’ve written about many of them. Some are geared towards gamers, others are focused on designers, and I remember one that even looked like an airplane cockpit. Everyone has their own idea about what the perfect workstation looks like. For me, it has to be comfortable and portable since I work in the field a lot. A few years ago, I even modded the inside of my SUV to be a mobile office.

If you are a designer, it’s probably extra challenging for you to find a workstation that inspires your creativity. I’m not a designer, but the designers I know are constantly looking for things in their environment that can spark their next burst of design ideas. What if your workstation itself could do that? That seems like a smart optimization.

If you could create your own workstation, what would it look like? What if money was no object, and you could go crazy with features? Those are questions that Aidan Huang of Onextrapixel along with illustrator Vanessa Media of Imp Designers decided to answer with their idea of the ultimate workstation for designers.

This workstation has some pretty nifty features that I think everyone might like to have. For example, there are randomly generated quotes to praise yourself that are featured on an electronic ticker, an auto coffee dispensing machine, and best of all, a mind reader that translates what clients really want. The hair styling machine and self wash toilet seat with back massage function is pretty sweet too.

If this was your workstation, is there anything you’d want to add? I think I’d add a window with a view of the ocean. It would be one of those LCD screens that shows the ocean moving and the trees swaying in the breeze, like a real view. Other than that, I think this really is the ultimate workstation.

The Ultimate, Dreamy Workstation For Designers

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Via: [Design Taxi]