The World’s Fastest Inkjet Printer Will Make Your Head Spin

The world’s fastest printer is soon coming to the corporate world, and it will not be a laser printer, but instead a lightning fast mono inkjet printer. Earlier in 2012, Brother unveiled a prototype of this inkjet printer that has 5,198 nozzles and is capable of printing an amazing 100 pages per minute. Current laser printers are around the 60ppm mark, so this printer has nearly a 60% faster output. This is nearly 2 pages per second printed, and the new print head technology will match the highest black and white laser quality.

The interesting things about this printer are the enhanced mechanics that allow it to feed paper through at that high speed print rate and the ink nozzles that literally spray almost the entire paper as it passes in one pass rather than printing side-to-side like traditional inkjet printers do.

Why would someone want an inkjet printer instead of a laser even if it provides higher printed pages per minute? Well, for one thing, this mono black inkjet printer uses dramatically less power than laser printers which equals saving money for corporations who have many printers that get a lot of use. The power savings alone could justify what is sure to be a higher printer cost due to it being brand new technology right out of the gate. So you could even say this black and white inkjet printer allows corporates to be a little more green!

If you were wondering what is the fastest printer and what ppm is the highest that can be achieved, look no further than this new Brother mono inkjet printer which currently has no name, appearance or model information yet. It is rumored that this 100ppm mono inkjet printer will be released to the corporate world sometime in 2013 or early 2014.

World’s Fastest Inkjet Printer Prints 100 Pages Per Minute


Via: [Tech Radar] Image Credits: [Brother International] [Health & Lifestyles]