World’s Longest & Largest 3D Street Art

All I can say is WOW! I looked at this picture (first one below) on Facebook and just kept staring at it, trying to figure out how they could do this on a wall…I thought it was a mural at first. I mean, those people are standing on rock outcrops…aren’t they? But then how come that guy in the middle is so much smaller than than the ones beside him? I just couldn’t figure out how they did this, so I did a little investigating.

Turns out, 3D Joe & Max, the world traveling pavement artists, actually painted over 1100 m of street to create this amazing Reebok Crossfit exercise area. A room-sized 3D takes them about four days, and Guinness gave them just one week to complete this task.

On November 17, this gigantic piece of street art won two Guinness World Records — for the longest and the largest (1160 meters square) 3D street art. Of course, once you find one amazing thing, you have to go see what else is out there. After the Guinness World Record holder below, my next favorite one is the polar bear. If you visit the gallery on their website, you can see the polar bear painting from a different angle, which is kind of cool. Check out some of their awesome works.

waterfall Reebok Crossfit picture

spider crevice hanging person

below ground tram picture

white animal 3D painting

tiny person big statue

canvas art sea monster

Check out the video of this amazing waterfall scene being made.

Image Credit: [3D Joe and Max]