You Know You’re A Geek When..

Don’t deny it.  You know you are a creative geek when the stuff you buy emulates your passion for applications or even the movies you watch.  Found some neat pillows that are not only cool but also unique in  design.

horsehead (11) Remember the Godfather movie? a gift you can send to your ‘frienemies’. For the recipient, there will be no misunderstanding that you want them to get a better sleep…….. A better sleep with the fishes that is. The horse heads can be packed with a customized personal note, and shipped to anyone you think deserves one. The horse head plushâ„¢ is the perfect reminder of the mistake they once made in wronging you, or for someone who just needs a good shaking up.
Everyone knows somebody that deserves one of these, and really, at the end of the day, we’re just flogging a dead horse here anyway, so just buy one!

apppillowsAdobe iconography is finding a cozy spot in designer’s abodes on these new App Pillows. Each hand-stitched and stuffed pillow is emblazoned with the colorful icon of an Adobe software product. Priced at $15 a Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, InDesign or Dreamweaver cushions. For $80, why not get the whole set and turn your master suite into a Creative Suite?