10 Must-Have Gardening Tools

If you are a green thumb or are just looking to get started in the gardening hobby, then you need some good reliable tools to get you growing some beautiful flowers. Whether you are extremely experienced or not at all, everyone can benefit from having a good set of tools to make the job easier. When it comes to gardening it is important to keep all your tools, clean, dry, and sharp if they are meant for cutting. Taking care of your tools is the first step to a successful hobby of any kind.

Quality tools keep an edge longer and are more durable than standard tools. The experts at  Gardenlifepro.com suggest that quality tools are worth the initial investment granted you take care of your equipment. Using durable and quality tools save you money in the long run by not having to replace cheap and broken tools that cannot get the job done.

There are hundreds of tools that are at the disposal of a gardener and although this list can be expanded, here are 10 must-haves for any gardening adventures you may find yourself in this season.

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Anybody who has spent time in the garden knows it is not all flowers and sunshine. You need to get dirty to create beautiful flowers. This means you need a solid pair of gardening gloves. From nettles to rose thorns, the garden is full of things that sting, prick, and cut. Protect yourself with a good pair of gardening gloves and the job instantly becomes much easier and cleaner.


It is a long stick with a fork-like ending. Great for attacking those pesky weeds. This is a great alternative to spraying weeds and being a little bit safer on the surrounding ecology.

Snips/Pruning Shears

Scissors and Pruning shears are going to be an essential tool in your garden. Keep them sharpened and they will make quick work of small branches and shrubs sticking out where they shouldn’t be. Scissors will be useful for things such as rope, or string to tie plants to vertical supports. Pruning shears are great for cleaning up shrubs with slightly thicker branches.

Soil Knife

A relatively unheard of tool, that most gardeners won’t have. It is a double-bladed knife that is usually also serrated. It may sound odd to also have a knife if you have scissors with you, but you would be surprised how useful and versatile a simple knife can be.

Knee Pads

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that while gardening you will find yourself near the ground quite often. This means spending a lot of time on your knees. Kneeling for long periods of time can be rough on your knees and lead to a lot of pain. Protect yourself with a pair of knee pads. You can get simple foam knee pads that reduce pressure all the way to fancy stools that can accommodate many different gardening positions.

Hand Trowel

An extremely versatile tool meant for digging and refilling small holes. This little tool often finds itself being swung at edgings, or stray weeds you missed the first time around. Can’t do much gardening without being able to shovel soil around so get yourself one.

Watering Can/Hose

Of course, something that gets overlooked initially is a way to deliver water to your plants. A good efficient watering can save you lots of time and effort. If you find yourself in a larger garden there are different kinds of hoses that can also be purchased to water the larger plots of gardens.

Curve Blade And Flat Blade Shovel

Technically 2 items, but we will count it as one. These 2 types of shovels serve different purposes. Flat bladed shovels are great for edging work and cutting straight lines. For example, cutting out a section of lawn to relocate to another area. Curve bladed shovels are great for working over soil and general digging duties.


After you have finished pruning, cutting, mowing, and digging through your garden there is surely a bunch of debris on the ground. Are you going to pick it up by hand? No way, grab your rake and gather it up into a pile and throw it into your composter. Rakes are super helpful for spreading things around or gathering them up. Lots of trees in your backyard? Better make sure you have at least one rake at home when fall hits.


Another workhorse of garden work. The wheelbarrow is probably the most energy-saving tool in your arsenal. The soil is heavy, carrying 50 bags of soil to our back yard to start your garden is backbreaking work. Not if you have a wheelbarrow. Stack the bags inside and roll on over to your garden, you will barely feel the effort.

If you are looking to get into gardening make sure to get a good set of garden tools. This list is a great place to start but by no means a comprehensive list. Gardening can be a great lifelong hobby in which you collect tools for your whole life. Treat them well and keep them sharp and they will save you a ton of energy in the garden. Spring is around the corner so start sharpening.

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