10 Of Life’s Simple Truths Illustrated With Words On Pictures

Words on pictures are always fun. Looking at them is completely brainless, well, sort of. I had to look at the 3rd picture on this list about ten times to find out what the mistake was. Maybe these require a little more brainpower than I thought.

The weird thing is, most of these are true. Every person I know who has quit Facebook has eventually gone back. I wonder why that is. And, most kids I know who click the icon of the floppy disk to save their data have no idea what that picture is. In that one picture below, it’s true; my brain took pauses as it was reading it.

And, it’s absolutely true that if someone responds “maybe” to an event RSVP on Facebook, the answer is really, “I’m not coming, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings or give you a reason, so I’m just going to save us both some trouble and click maybe.” Everybody knows that, right? If you’d like to read more words on pictures, you can click over to the source article linked below. So, now that you’ve taken a nice little break and read these useless pictures to give you some wisdom overkill, you can carry on with your regularly scheduled day. :)

Quitting Facebook Like Running Away

Students Click Floppy Disks

Can You Find The Mistake

Frank Sinatra Drinks Alcohol

Facebook Event Invitation Responses

Super Mario Princess Peach

Like It How Brain Pauses

Creative Man Is Motivated

Great People Talk About Ideas

People Online Are Lazy

Via: [Sad and Useless]