10 Purchases That Might Indicate A Midlife Crisis

Recently someone I know suddenly sold her house and gave away almost all her possessions. It was such a bizarre move, and to me, seemed very out of character. She is about 50 years old, and when I was telling my friend about it, she said, “It sounds to me like she is having a midlife crisis.” I was shocked to find when I checked WebMD that a midlife crisis is real. I’ve always thought it was just a funny stage of life that people joked about in the movies and in sitcoms.

Apparently it can really happen, and it usually occurs between the ages of 37 and late 50s. According to the WebMD article entitled Midlife Crisis: Transition or Depression, it’s a time in life when a lot of changes occur. Even though some of those changes might be uncomfortable, I got excited when I read that sometimes people make extravagant purchases during this timeframe. Hey, that could be fun! So, how do we know when someone is going through a midlife crisis? According to this infographic by Credit Score, there are ten specific purchases which may indicate a midlife crisis. I’m relieved and excited to see that gadgets are on the list. Geeeez… I’m kinda looking forward to it now. :)

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Midlife Crisis Changes In Life

Via: [Guyism] Header Image Credit: [Helena Writes]