10 Signs: Change Is Happening in Your Life

In 2007 I went to the Republic of Panama to hear a group of inspirational leaders teach an advanced personal development seminar about change as it relates to our lives. One of the speakers, Ellie Drake, spoke specifically about “signs that show you that change has begun in your life.” This picture was taken on the day of that seminar (Yes, I had blonde hair then).

One positive thing that has come out of this uncertain world economy is that it has paved the road for incredible personal development within us all. Many of us are getting “back to basics” and remembering what is important in life.

I see many people using this time to make changes and grow personally. In times when people are forced to step out of their comfort zone, true personal growth and fantastic breakthroughs can occur. But, how do you know if you’ve actually begun to change?

Some people wouldn’t change anything about themselves and I think that is great! I am not suggesting anyone make changes, but for those that are on a constant journey of growth and change, here are my notes from that pivotal speech.

Here are 10 signs that real change has begun in your own life:

1. Growing craving for nature (when trying to connect with yourself, you inherently crave nature)
2. Growing discomfort (uneasiness about what the future holds)
3. Growing sense of loneliness
4. New skills emerge that you didn’t know you had
5. New relationship with time (instead of psychological time, which is worrying about past or future – You enter clock time, which is living in the moment)
6. You no longer crave for the old bad ways of life
7. The depression and exhaustion doesn’t make sense anymore
8. New sense of self-curiosity
9. Suddenly you feel like everything that happened in the past is irrelevant
10. Instead of praying for “things” you start to pray for “strength” or “truth”

If you are feeling any of these things, you are on your way to achieving more personal satisfaction in your life. Best wishes on your journey!