10 Simple Ways to Feel Good!

Everyday we face so many challenges, and whether big or small, they can sometimes drain us.  In this fast paced world where we are always in a hurry to accomplish our work, our chores, or to just keep up with the daily grind, we often overlook some of the simple joys that surround us.

1.  Have a Quiet Moment – Reflecting is always good for the soul.  Allows one to contemplate and be thankful for the all blessings he or she has in her life.  Family, friends, roof over our heads and clothes on our backs.

2.  Have a Me Day –  Take at least one day to just do what will please you.  Often times throughout the weeks you end up taking care of others, why not take the time to just do whatever that makes you happy.

3.  Watch a Sunrise or a Sunset- Think about it, when was the last time you did any of it.  Always good to stop and check out the beauty of nature and everything around us.

4.  Go Window Shopping- I guess this is more for us ladies!  and if you have the funds go ahead and do some shopping for yourself. You worked hard the entire month, you deserve the treat.

5.  Eat a Banana Split – Or your favorite comfort food.  Everyone is super health conscious these days, eating a favorite dessert will surely cheer you up.  I like doing this with my siblings.  Kind of reminds us of the days when my father was alive.  He loved taking us to ice cream parlors when we were young.

6.  Get a Massage – The best cure for our tired and weary bodies.  Not only does it make you relax but also promotes good health and good blood circulation.

7.  Take a Stroll in the Park- Always great to take the time to go out and get a breath of fresh air and a bit of exercise.  Getting up and staying away from the computer for an hour does wonders.

8.  Read a Good Book –Not only does it enrich your mind, but also allows you to exercise your imagination.

9.  Write or Call a Friend you have not gotten in touch with for a long time – This will not only make you happy but for sure will also give joy to another person.

10.  Do community service –  Doing something good for others without expecting anything in return will definitely make you feel good.  Seeing the happy faces and friendly smiles can truly warm your heart.

Taking the break will in the long run make us more productive.  Being happy and feeling good about yourself is a choice that you make.

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