10 Tips To Overcome Frustration!

Frustration usually occurs when our intended personal goals and dreams are not met. We may feel frustrated when an outcome of what we wanted to happen simply did not happen, or when we meet challenges. There are so many things that can cause us to be frustrated. Some people act on that feeling, while others do not. More often than not, the cause of our frustrations can be attributed to external forces that we do not have control over. It can be triggered by a situation like a gadget not working, or even by another person. Frustration can block us from feeling motivated. We can react by trying to solve what is causing the frustration, or we can just simply give up.

No matter what the cause is, people respond to this behavior differently. It is normal for us to be frustrated every now and then. It is the way we react to it that is important. Will you try to find a solution, or will you just give in? The worst behavior would be to act violently towards others that are causing the problem. Just like any behavioral problems that we encounter in our lifetime, there is always a way to overcome it. Here are 10 tips that I hope can help you overcome frustration!

1. Talk to a friend – It is always healthy to talk to someone else about anything that is bothering us. Well, maybe not everything, but the point here is to be able to share bottled up feelings with someone instead of just keeping them all to ourselves. Who knows, your friend might have some solutions that can help you!

2. Write your successes and failures in a journal – Whether you do it using an online journal or a pen and paper, keeping track of our activities that we feel are limiting us is always helpful. That way, we can have a check and balance as to what worked for us and what didn’t.

3. Accept reality – We also need to check our own reality. If we have done everything within our power to accomplish something, and it still does not work out, then we should try to accept it as it is. What I do in this kind of situation is write a pros and cons list, and then I take it from there.

4. Track your progress – Sometimes we feel that things aren’t moving fast enough, or they are not working the right away. That could lead to a lot of frustration. Do a check list and see how you are progressing. Sometimes small steps may seem like nothing, but being able to cross those small steps off the list one by one is helpful for seeing successful progress.

5. Take a long walk – Taking a break is always good. Do not think of what is causing your frustration for a moment. Hopefully the long walk or break will allow your minds to be clearer once you decide to go back and tackle the problem or situation at hand.

6. Stop blaming yourself – Maybe the cause of your frustration is something of your own doing. Accept that and try to find solutions rather than blaming yourself incessantly. It will only put you in a negative mode which will do more harm than good. It’s your fault; accept that and move on.

7. Stop being angry – Anger is one way to vent our frustrations. It can be either directed towards ourselves or to the one causing the frustration. Watch a funny movie or read the comic page of your newspaper. The point here is to minimize anger so you can think straight. Only when you are thinking straight and calm will you be able to address the problem that is causing you to be frustrated.

8. Take a hot bath or sleep it off – Relaxing your mind by either taking a long hot bath or sleeping it off will do wonders for your tired mind. Being angry or frustrated can make us weak and vulnerable to stress.

9. Be around positive people – It is always good to be around people who are optimistic. You can get energy from them as well as advice if they have encountered similar situations like yours.

10. Try to be positive – Try to think of the other difficult times that you have encountered and yet succeeded in the past. Say to yourself, this too will pass, as it always does. It may not be an easy thing to do, but if we try to count our blessings and see where we have triumphed in the past, we can see that there is no way that we cannot get through this as well.

We all have times in our lives when we get frustrated. It is a natural emotion that we need to get through. As long as we work towards dreams and goals that we want to see happen, we will encounter some sort of frustration. Remember, it is how we deal with it that is important.

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  • comment-avatar
    nadia 9 years

    These are temporary solution. not permanent.

    • comment-avatar
      Qasim Ali 6 years

      like wise every problem is also temporary

  • comment-avatar
    san 9 years

    everything is temporary in this world even you

  • comment-avatar

    These are all good ideas. I especially liked the one with writing down your thoughts. Many times in a daily journal that I keep I do this. I find that many times after I am done I have figured out a solution to a problem, gotten a better perspective on the problem or realized all together that its stupid of me in the first place to even get aggrevated in the first place.

  • comment-avatar
    Sarika 9 years

    what if you are getting frustrated coz of ur own family member (Husband) who doesn’t say anything… Keep mum ..doesn’t express anything… & ur ideas dosn’t match… You just cant even ignore him….. what will u do ?????

    • comment-avatar
      Shaiza 8 years

      then I would suggest you to get family counseling because your thoughts cannot be explained and neither are you able to turn to your husband or family to reveal your emotions. Counseling/ therapy really helps its good to take that into consideration because not only will you be able to live a stress free life but you will be able to overcome the problems you are experiencing. And its always good to go on a long walk with your husband to sort things through talking. I hope that helps.

  • comment-avatar
    Saikat 9 years

    My girlfriend left me because im not like other normal people. 1 years gone but im still trying for patchup. but she doesn’t want me. she like to live her life in her way. i want everything back. she was the most important thing in my life. only thing she left me cause i’m very much metal music addicted and she doesn’t like these kind of music. Now i am fill up her emptyness with music and weed. but i can’t. everyday is like hell for me. i don’t if she will come or not.. but i will not give hope. oneday everythings gonna fine. i just need a good job for this. because she wants a perfect life with her husband. somehow i have to be her husband at any cost. its all my fault for everything. i can’t concentrate on my regular work. please help me somebody.. i want to overcome this situstion and live my life with joy like others.

    • comment-avatar
      Bilal Sayed 8 years

      HEY buddy just move on in your life … I think you deserve some thing better.

  • comment-avatar
    Lucky mfeka 9 years

    I have family related problems its just that im a down to earth person n ppl take advantage of who n what i am. I asked my mum to loan me money in order to help firther my studies but she told me shed be waisting it n she would rather spend it on her married boyfriend yet i do so many things 4 her i show her love cause shes my parent n while i was working i made sure that i covered the family needs first to a point that i couldnt save some money 4 me to study. It has brought me a lot of frustration cause i cant find a job just with my matric certificate. Shes made loans that i had to pay n i just lost myself i dont even have friends anymore.

  • comment-avatar
    Rev Emmanuel O. Otu 9 years

    Frustration is a natural phenomenon,be positive in your thinking and be sure that your mental health is sound.

  • comment-avatar
    radhika 9 years

    I hav completd LLB n nw preparing for competitive exmz.i was the topper all d three yearz of LLB.nw i cnt evn concentrate on ma studies.i hv a boy frnd who is always nice n supportive.but ma parentz r searchng guys for me. I cnt marry anyone except ma boyfrnd and i dnt want to get committed evn to ma boyfrnd until i get job. M very decisive on that. But m mentally down.nobody is there to help me.realy frustated.plz gimme a solution

    • comment-avatar
      Sham 7 years

      if u really loves him please marry him, explain this to your parents and make them accept and get married otherwise it will be problem for you to live with whom you don’t know and about him. if u really loves him please get marriage

  • comment-avatar
    REVD JACOB 9 years

    hi radhika hoe this comment wil hlep you ,your havin two problems one parents pressure and other job and marrage .so try some other studies that wil help you to persue your job like ma psycology or b.ed that would help you to get a good carrer b.ed you can go for teaching and M.A. in psycology wil help ypu to lead into as school counsellor more demands in these areas . try out these hope it would be useful, regarding parent for searching a guy tel them am not interested now . all the best radhika

  • comment-avatar
    Edward Wanjiku 9 years

    Always know tht everything happens for a
    reason and one cant force love and the early you know tht one doesnt love you the better it is.
    If she loves you then she has to accept you
    just the way you are and if thats impossible then move on and funny how life
    it is because you will find that one who will
    love you unconditionally and accept you for
    whom you are.
    Never waste your life away for someone not worthy of you nor should you take drugs!yet herself she is having a blust of her life.

  • comment-avatar
    karuna 9 years

    i m very short tempered persong i have a kid of 4 years he is very very naughty i beat him a lot. Sometimes i couldnt stop myself and i blame my mother in low for this and a quirrel sstarts i dont why i do such things i m very frustrated plz help

  • comment-avatar
    Sahana N 8 years

    I am working in a Mnc and having 5+years of experience in investment banking..I worked hard for promotion but i didn’t get it.i am very frustrated about my work.. I am planning to quit but i dont have other job in my hand right now

  • comment-avatar
    jini 8 years

    I can’t liv wid a prson I wanna tk divorce bt my family is nt supporting me nd I also have the feeling of letting them down I ve to fight fr my life bt not with the outsiders infact with my dear once I hate doing this…can’t able to choose between my life or my family….plzz somebody help me

  • comment-avatar
    falak 8 years

    I newly got married but m not at sll hpy n its lobe marriage m Tired of my life mu husband I don’t knw what actually he wants from me please help me please

  • comment-avatar
    jay 8 years

    look falak i think the best solution is yo ask him what does he want whether he need space or is he in any problem or anything else try to realise him tht u r always there for him ,i think this will work for u

  • comment-avatar
    jay 8 years

    jini the elders are always they are guiding you from their exprience just stand at their position and look if u cant do tht ask them tht y they are saying like tht and whats good and bad in tht if u still face froeblem do tell

  • comment-avatar
    raju 8 years

    Before reading the tips and other people ‘s comments

    I was deep frustrating on my business and my bad habit.

    Now I finding solutions with self motivated and without angry, blaming anyone.

    Be happy whatever happens and try to accept that….


  • comment-avatar
    Hemangi 8 years

    I am diploma engineering student..i was failed 2times.still from,last years m in 2nd year…my financial condition was not well n i failed 2times…can’t understand what to do…just lots of confusion yar…plz help me….n give me something different tips which are permanently helpful for my future…

  • comment-avatar
    preethi 8 years

    that was good ideas me too had experienced as a relief when we write down our situation in our journals or dairy…..

  • comment-avatar
    rishabh 8 years

    wat to do if i am frustrated bcoz of exams n tensed in failing in d exm

  • comment-avatar
    Jim 8 years

    These are worthless when your studying against the clock, god I wanna kill someone, fuck

  • comment-avatar
    abcd 8 years

    I am working in an Apparel export manufacturing unit. I am the only merchandiser of this company. So everyone used to call me for each and every small things. Since from morning 8 to till evening 9, all used to call and say madam blah blah.. I feel like switching off my cell and go somewhere very far..After that family issues starts once reached home, moreover local train travelling kills me.. I feel irritated because of this.
    Unable to get mental piece. So pls advise how to keep ourself cool n calm during frustration.

  • comment-avatar
    Antidote 7 years

    The authors thoughts are easy solutions in theory but different in realtime practise.

    How about the reality of looking for a job non-stop for two years and your employers keep denying your application?
    How about not been able to step your game and take financial responsibility for your child and relationship not because you are lazy but you just can’t find an employer to hire you?
    How about feeling luck and goodwill has turned their back on you, and nothing you do seems right?

  • comment-avatar
    Harry 7 years

    I am studying in a college where no one is allowed to have any girlfriend. I have one girlfriend and only few know about it. She is a popular figure in our college. She is a brilliant student and a good athlete. So many people keep on commenting about her. If I fight with them they ask me questions as what is your problem, we are teasing her not you? I cant answer to them . They always comment about her I get angry and frustrated often and I am not able to concentrate on my studies and other activities. I tell her not to roam about and practise before them. She does follow me but she cant help it always. I get angry on her whenever she comes before them. This is causing trouble to our relationship. Can anyone guide me that what I can do in such a situation. I really want to control my anger but I cant. There is a bully in our class who teases her often. In our college we have separate classes for girls and boys so I tell her to remain in her class and leave her sports. She follows but sometimes she get engaged and whenever that bully sees her he starts speaking ill of her he speaks very about her In a very bad way I just want to kick his ass. I cant complain to my teacher also. Please someone guide me how to face this situation in my life and concentrate properly on my career. I cant live without her and I am much possessive about her which is my biggest problem.

  • comment-avatar
    Nithin 7 years

    Just be patient.. Time will change your frustration..

    “PATIENCE”..that’s the only solution..

  • comment-avatar
    Mitu Akhter 7 years

    Keep silent and silent and silent…………………….

  • comment-avatar
    raghav 7 years

    my gf is doing a job and she has no time to call me or meet me.
    we met one time in a month. she calls me today that she will be late today from office and when her office is over she called me and said that another boy is dropping her to home. i said ok. but now that thing is making me frustrated. what should i do???? i even can’t think positive and can’t sleep.

  • comment-avatar
    Bella 7 years

    I have a very bad frustration level

  • comment-avatar
    bubbly Agarwal 6 years

    i want to do job. But my parents dont allow me.i feel very much frustated.

  • comment-avatar
    deepti pandey 6 years

    hello frnds .
    i liked this page very much. my prblm is I often think tht i could not get anything in life i just wasted my time. whnevr this fact comes in my mind i get restless n can not concentrate for next few days. how to overcome this frustation..

  • comment-avatar
    mahi 6 years

    Actually I don’t know what what to do..I lost everything in my business… Some of my friend invested money to my business but after big loss…I have nothing…now they all pressuring me to give back their money by this month…but I I don’t have anything to settle than…I am the only earning member in my family after my father passed way….last few days I couldnt go to my home cos every time they come and threating me…my mom also sick…now I cannot take it any more…please help me…please …

  • comment-avatar
    suraj 6 years

    i failed to complete my engineering. and today i fear about my future that whether could i get the job or not..if i could not make job how could i run my family.. its hurts me every day. so please if there is any solution?

  • comment-avatar
    Ranjitha 6 years

    Not getting what to do, all problems arrived at a time. Life is very difficult, am trying to face and accept the present but i can’t concentrate on my daily works.
    I have one boy friend, his mother is suffering with serious diseases and he is frustrated and he did not get any job yet, he don’t want to talk with me bt, i want to be with him in this situation dnt want to leave him alone.
    He want’s to leave me..and my parents are very orthodox, i tried to explain them but they can’t understand.
    My heart says he will come back definately, he can’t leave me..
    I am not able to bear this situation.. both of us facing family problem dont know what to do, please give me some suggestions..

  • comment-avatar
    Simi 4 years

    I am very much disturbed and frustrated as I am getting bore of my life . I need my routine life should change. What to do what not feel to cry.with whom I should discuss I don’t know please help me