10 Very Useful Life Hacks In 2 Minutes [Viral Video]

These days it’s all about optimizing, and while we are on our quests to find faster and easier ways to make our lives better and make time stretch longer, life hacking has become very popular. There are so many useful life hacks that have circulated the Internet that you might think there aren’t any more. Well, there are, and these are ones that I found especially useful.

These 10 Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 1 come to us from Household Hacker, and since the video was just uploaded on YouTube two days ago and it already has 723,291 views (at the time I’m writing this), I’d say it definitely qualifies as viral since it’s obviously been shared in many different places.

By watching this, in two short minutes, you will know how to make your own stylus in about thirty seconds, how to clean a toilet with no effort and how to unclog a shower head without any hassle (along with seven other things). One theory I have to debunk on here though is the dryer sheet to keep mosquitoes away. I have tried that trick several times. I’ve rubbed my body with a dryer sheet, I’ve tucked it in my pocket, I’ve carried it in my hand… Those boogers still bite me regardless. Maybe the mosquitoes in Atlanta have developed a tolerance to dryer sheets. Either that or they are the biggest, meanest most blood thirsty mosquitoes ever, but that is a topic for a different article. However, the other nine things on this list are very useful, and I will be trying them all! If you’d like to read more about useful life hacks, click over to Life Hacks: 35 Little Tips and 15 Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier. And, of course, we can’t forget the cat version by Funny or Die at Life Hacks: Cats. Enjoy!

10 Life Hacks You Can Use Anytime To Optimize Your Life




Via: [Have You Seen This]